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 A funny chat log

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Lunasa Prismriver
Lunasa Prismriver

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A funny chat log Empty
PostA funny chat log

Jade: *walks in with a maid costume*
Taiga: *walks in wearing a china dress*
Lummies: *walks in wearing a Gothic Lolita dress*
Cirno: *walks in wearing a hobo*
Lummies: ....How do you wear a hobo.
Cirno: Over your shoulders >w<
Jade: *begins cleaning* Why are you all dressed like perverts?
Taiga:'s a china dress ;w;
Lummies: ....I'm not dressed like a pervert, it's good fashion ;w;
Cirno: Eye'm a hobo-wearer ;w;
Jade: You're dressed up in your fetishes
Jade: ...except Cirno, she's just being Cirno
Jade: And dressed up for no reason
Jade: *scurries around cleaning everything*
Taiga: ...
Lummies: ....
Taiga: *puts on a pair of glasses*
Lummies: *ties her hair into pigtails*
Cirno: *wraps the hobo around her ankles*
Jade: *bonks everyone*
Taiga: Cirno has weird fetishes :3c
Taiga: Ow ;w;
Lummies: Owwie ;w;
Cirno: Kyuu >w<
Jade: *returns to her frantic cleaning*
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A funny chat log

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