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 Such Cobwebs Much worried

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PostSubject: Such Cobwebs Much worried   Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:43 pm

Umm...Hello there! I'm Spaceywitch but you can call me Aradia (since she's my fav homestuck troll) or whatever nickname you want. I'm a sixteen year old girl who has a lot of fandoms and crossovering all of my fandoms with each other. I'm a huge Touhou fan and I've played almost all of the games (I haven't played DS, GFW, or the PC-98 games) and my favorite Touhou characters as of now are Nue, Kokoro, Mamizou, and Yukari. I read and I am an aspiring writer and an avid Touhoustucker (like really avid).

I also like to RP! I've RPed as Touhous a lot from across different places though my main place is Tumblr and my RP accounts there are

boundariesanddreams (Yakumo family/Sealing Club)
tschigumoyamame (Yamame Kurodani)
expressivepokerfacekokoro (Kokoro and soon adding Nue, Mamizou, and Koishi)

I was actually looking around for Touhou RP forums and found this place but it could dead so..idk if this is worth it but if you guys are listening, hello there! I hope to have fun rping with you guys!
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Such Cobwebs Much worried
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