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 A peaceful Side Room Behind the Temple

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Toramaru Shou

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PostSubject: A peaceful Side Room Behind the Temple   Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:22 pm

A certain tiger lies on the floor next to a kotatsu, as majestuous as a sleeping tiger cub could be. The wind rustling nearby tree's leaves and swindling the traditional chimes hanging next to the sliding doors, the cry of distant cicadas and the soft breathing of a sleeping girl work together to create a perfect summer melody.
Perhaps the summer warmth and its peaceful song were enough to lull this tigress into a deep slumber. We can't rule out a full stomach being one of the main suspects, since the evidence lies all over the kotatsu in the form of mandarine peels and seeds.
Just another normal summer day at Myourenji waiting for anything to happen...
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A peaceful Side Room Behind the Temple
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