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 Beasts and Flowers

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Medi Fujiwara-Melancholy

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PostSubject: Beasts and Flowers   Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:58 pm

Outside of the Fujiwara-Melancholy Mansion, near a large man made lake, one of Medicine's daughters, Layla was busy playing with her multitude of pets. The girl was currently sitting on her giant stone toad Nana, staring at the lake. "Orochi...Orion..c'mon you two, out of the water. Nana needs to go in." She said, waiting for the Mishuguji and the Water Dragon to surface. She sighed. "Why must they be so disobedient at times..." she said to herself as she walked up to the water's edge. She put her hand in the water. "Now..get up here you two." She ordered, quickly seeing the water's surface quiver. Within seconds, a dragon flew out of the water, landing next to her master, dry from how fast she was flying. Soon after Orochi slithered on the surface of the water and coiled around Layla's hand, crawling up to her shoulders. "Good girl and boy." the girl smiled, seeing her stone toad crawl over and into the large lake, easily sinking until her eyes were sticking out.
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Beasts and Flowers
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