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 Touhou 13.75: The Purple Colored Memory Erasing Rain

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PostSubject: Touhou 13.75: The Purple Colored Memory Erasing Rain   Mon May 30, 2011 10:10 pm

Plot- It is the driest summer in all of Gensokyo's history until one day, a weird purple colored rain pours down onto all of Gensokyo. But this was no ordinary rain, this rain had the ablity to hinder people's meomories and take them, Most people were affected by this and mostly forgot about who they're friends were or who they were enimies so they basically attacked anyone who got a little personal or attacked first, all but some people were not hindered. The shrine maiden, Remiu Hakurai, sent out on a quest to find and have the head of whoever did this to make them pay.

1. You can be a Touhou character, just specfy the breed of youkai or do not do this if you're person's a human.
2. Definatly no power playing, that just takes the fun out of rping.
3. You can be new characters with new breeds just specfy and detail the breed of youkai, if they are one.
4. There are new spell card systems for use, They are being used in this rp

- Support/ Defensive Spell card: these Spell cards protect or boost some stats of the user, for example a spell card called "Firery vengence" It repays what was done to the user back to the enemy if they aren't careful enough to notice and not do pysical attacks

-Disspell cards: These cards negate all effects of a supportive spell card and do damage. for example void of fire dis spells mutiple enhacers while also doing 14-15 hits of weak fire damage to this person as well.

5. Bombs have also changed, They are only usable when you are out of Memory points(explained later) and do a load of damage and give back a little bit of memory points and orb shurikens.

6. Orb shurikens are the way to attack in this RP, they can be charged to attack the enemy 3 times instead of 1, but have less power. The change depending on the character, for example Remiu has yin-yang shurikens while Sakuya has a 3 kinife way shuriken.

7. Memory points tell how much you can you remember and are basically what you're trying to fill up, Memory points are obtained by killing little purple clouds that fly in front of you, for ten Memory points, 100 fills the gauge completely and your stage is complete, but these clouds appear very rare and not that often during stages 3-final(7)

8. Each stage has a mid boss and end boss which you must defeat or the stage cannot be cleared, Memory points are needed to proceed towards the mid-boss and end boss (100 each!!)

Character design

Race: Human or Youkai
Breed(youkai and half Youkai only)
powers/Spell cards
Bomb attack
Orb shuriken shape
What Happened when the purple started:

My temp will be up soon, i'm sure people will want to join
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Touhou 13.75: The Purple Colored Memory Erasing Rain
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