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 The Stars Are Falling (Touhou Mecha RP Planning & Signup)

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Lunasa Prismriver

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PostSubject: The Stars Are Falling (Touhou Mecha RP Planning & Signup)   Thu May 26, 2011 11:19 pm

The Stars Are Falling ~*

Wow, that was a crappy title. Someone hire a new title card person?

Bwah, so big! ;w; Just pretend like that says 'the stars are falling'.

So, this is a mecha RP based on just that and the concept of AU where danmakus are not used, instead, giant mecha.
Sound stupid?
Good. This is a parody. Don't take it as too serious, but don't make something completely stupid. >w<
To make it clear, anyone ever seen Galaxy Angel?
Well, if you haven't, then you should. It's really funny and that's mostly the basis of this. Girls in giant robots going on slice-of-life adventures on other planets. Of course, the title is only the beginning story arc. We'll just go on from there until we run out of ideas >W< Fun, right? At least something to make the RPing world here more active.

Bio Sheet

Appearance: (You can use a picture.)
Giant Mecha Description: (Please describe it well, powers, etc.)

Characters Claimed & Bio Sheets

From Gensokyo/Space Taisen
Playername: Lum
Name: Shikieiki Yamaxanadeu
Age: 15 (in appearance only)
History: The self-proclaimed “judge of the taisen”, Shikieiki Yamaxanadeu is the judge of the underworld. She’s got an odd obsession with trying to improve everyone so they do not go to hell, which often leads to more conflict than wanted. She's the self proclaimed 'only one competent enough to be the leader' as well, which leads to many disputes.
Giant Mecha Description: The Great Court, a green robot that has a giant gavel in its hand. Its special move is “Verdict Decided”, where Shikiki can slam another robot into the ground with the gavel.

"And all shall fade
The flowers of spring
The world and all the sorrows

At the heart of everything
but still it stays
the butterfly sings
and opens purple summer
with a flutter of its wings

And all shall know the wonder of purple summer....."
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Malice Velocity


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PostSubject: Re: The Stars Are Falling (Touhou Mecha RP Planning & Signup)   Fri May 27, 2011 9:22 am

Oh I want to join >v<
and I do watch GA but, not really following the series actually ^^;
but I had to agree, that serries are just epic

oh that's from SWR eh I meant Super Tenko... eh Super robot wars right? ^-^?
my bio~

name: Malice Velocity
appearance: in daily, my profile picture, a dark purple one piece pajama with (ZUN) sleep hat and always bringing a book ((this part kind of remembering Vanila H for some reason don't you agree?))
unless if stated else.

History: Born from the Velocity Alchemist family, Malice always hides her ability to do alchemy, she do show to other people her talent on chemicals and electricity thou. She mostly silent in front of people she had just met, and tend to do so until she think it's necessary to talk. Despite her cold nature, Malice actually does care her friends a lot.

Robot's appearance: [Vighneshvara/ Lord of Obstacles]

Kind of a split image of herself with a several book shaped probe which surrounds the robot. The diamond on its both hand can fire a high electric jolt to stun the enemy even though it won't cause any serious damage, while the probes have three different ability, the red one can shoot heat lasers from a turret inside of it, the blue one can shoot a homing positron canon which will seek out any electricity it was targeted, while the green one can emits a barrier field behind it protecting everything but itself.
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Showa Kitashirakawa


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PostSubject: Re: The Stars Are Falling (Touhou Mecha RP Planning & Signup)   Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:56 pm

Count me in too, dood.
I haven't really seen it, but I played a dating sim based off of it, dood.

Name: Showa Kitashirakawa
Age: 20 (At time of death)
Race: Prinny
Appearance: Similar to the Hero Prinny from the Prinny PSP games, except the scarf is crimson red, the eyes are his original shade of brown, and his body is gray, with a blue satchel.

Mecha: RX-66 Helldam
A generic Mecha from another Netherworld that Showa had imported some time after becoming a Prinny. Its special attacks are Mugen Flame, which pins the target to a wall, and pelts them with lethal bullets, Bomb Crush, which showers the target with shrapnel, and Venom Blast, which uses its feet to kick the target in the air before nailing it with shrapnel. Has no cockpit protection, leaving Showa vulnerable to attack, meaning he has to pilot the Helldam carefully.

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PostSubject: Re: The Stars Are Falling (Touhou Mecha RP Planning & Signup)   

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The Stars Are Falling (Touhou Mecha RP Planning & Signup)
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