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 Sakuya Deborator, The sister of the perfect maid

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PostSubject: Sakuya Deborator, The sister of the perfect maid   Mon May 09, 2011 8:11 pm

(She has Blonde hair and control of fire and a red suit insted of Sakuya's)

Anything's a weapon, just like my trusty bangle

Sakuya Milengerous Deborator

She is Sakuya's sister, she thinks and is 17

Her title is the "Powerful flaming Phoenix of hell". She has this title because of her ablity to manuiplute fire and use it as she sees fit. She used this power, in a battle aganist Remilia to get back her sister, but lost epically and became a maid of the manor.

Her History is only known by two people, Remilia and Sakuya, who protest at the sister thing from personal experance. During a travel in Japan, she and her sister, named Sakuya got lost and accedently went into Gensokyo. She went east and traveled over mountains, searching for a way out and met Remiu. Remiu informed her about the gate and told her that she can go though it at any time she wanted, but she wanted to find her sister first and declined, leaving behind a ring formed of emeralds with Remiu. She scoured all over the land until she found the scarlet devil mansion and decided to enter, because it looked nothing like the rest of the this land. She went in and bumped into a maid, it looked excatly like her sister, she was overjoyed and tried to pull her away, but only got a knife into her back.

Next day, she was taken to Remilia and Sakuya was dissmissed on her orders, she looked at her a little un happy. She heard from Sakuya about what she did and asked to fight her, for the rights of who is able to claim her. She summoned her sword, Michorial, and began to slash, Remilia just dogding left and right, then used GunGir to put her in her place.

"I'll give a second chance, Either work or die. Which would you perfer" She asked with a cold glare

"I'll take work, better than dying without grace"

"Good, your work starts, second head maid, your room is with Sakuya"

"Than-thank you misstress, I will fail you"

Serveral days later, she is on the verge of killing other maids because they just slack off, She nearly kills Meiling everyday because she doesn't work. She is highly respected and has earned almost everybodies complete trust out of fear.


- Sword summon- She can summon her sword with a special bangle on her right arm, just on the top, that was on her, forever, she just ignores it.

- Flare drop- If her frieball attack misses, and it hits the ground, it could seep over to the target and attack it with a piller of fire. this rarely happens easly

- Fireball- Shoots a fireball out of her hand, misses 30%of the time.

She doesn't have any lost loves unless you count sisters

She never had children, she is straight single.

How's this, this is my first time doing a Touhou related thing, still fairly new to making Touhou things(except sigs)

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Sakuya Deborator, The sister of the perfect maid
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