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 Mia Schröder, Adventurous Outlander

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PostSubject: Mia Schröder, Adventurous Outlander   Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:44 pm

Mia Schröder, Adventurous Outlander


Mia isn't a character from Touhou Project, ergo she has no connection any character from that series. Instead, she's a relatively minor character from the Nintendo series, Fire Emblem. In the plotlines of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Mia is a playable unit without much of a speaking role or an impact on the story.

In spite of this, the series provides her with a personality, and it could be best described as 'eccentric'. Mia is generally courageous, eager to help others, and dead-set on developing her skills as a Myrmidon [archaic term meaning 'hired ruffian'] and swordsman. Socially, Mia has little trouble talking to others and almost always greets others with a smile, eager to make new friends and possibly new sparring partners--hopefully even a 'true rival', as she calls it, to have epic, theatrical duels with.

Mia's personality comes with a number of flaws, naturally. She often misses details and rushes right into things, and she has a tendency to make incorrect assumptions despite her good intentions. Serious topics regarding death and loss are difficult for her to communicate about, even if she understands them, resulting in her general awkwardness or discomfort during any sort of gravely serious conversation.

Male Chauvinism is probably Mia's only serious pet-peeve, having grown up surrounded by male mercenaries and male soldiers; she resents the idea that a woman can't be just as strong as any man. She keeps this ideal close by as she trains, and while it's unlikely anyone in this RP [a place centered around a female-dominated series] would set her off about that, it's still worth mentioning.

In the context of this RP, Mia's appearance takes place sometime during the three-year lapse between the two games in which she's featured, as a part of her own personal training, exploring new places to find new opponents. Her homeland of Crimea has only been temporarily left behind, and she plans on, at some point, returning to her former employers. As this is a new location and a new group of people for Mia, there are a number of things that she hasn't been acquainted with--that is to say, she's still facing culture shock.

To implement the idea that Mia isn't familiar with the language of Gensoukyou, which is [de facto] English in this RP, she speaks predominately German to represent the culture from where she hails. New phrases and vocabulary are all parts of the adventure called 'learning', to Mia, so learning more is something she openly welcomes. Her surname is never given in the games, so I supplied her with a simple German last name to fill in that blank.

[[Disclaimer: I myself speak English fluently, but am only a student of the German (and Japanese) language(s). If I make any mistakes, feel free to correct me, and I apologize in advance. It's a learning 'adventure' for me to practice new languages, too, you see~]]

Relationship Status

While Mia is prone to traveling and doesn't have many solid friends, the ones she does have all live in her home country, and nowhere else. This doesn't have much of an effect on how social Mia is with strangers, though, and she'll happily meet new people--sometimes whether they want to talk, or not.

However, romance and any love-related drama is as far from a forté for Mia as can-be. Close, affectionate physical contact with the adolescent adventurer sets her off either into fits of rage or makes her uncharacteristically nervous and fearful. This can be lessened by her closeness and admiration for a given individual, but only just. Talk of 'liking' someone usually goes over her head in any language, be it intentional avoidance of a topic or genuinely missing the point. Mia would rather concentrate on friendship and training than 'confusing stuff' like love and romance.

Almost needless to say, Mia is single and will likely remain this way.



Anything else?

I'm afraid not. Let's just have a good time RPing, right?

Oh, actually, there is one thing. If there's any advice you've got for me regarding my RP of Mia or RPing skill in general, please fill me in--I'd be happy to know. Thanks for reading, if you did. ;w; <3

"And have fun!"
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Mia Schröder, Adventurous Outlander
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