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 Rumia Dark, the Youkai of Darkness

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Rumia Dark


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PostSubject: Rumia Dark, the Youkai of Darkness   Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:18 pm

Name- Rumia Dark

Age- 27

Title- The slightly shy, but slightly sadistic one ^^

Relationship Status- Engaged to Chiyuri Kitashirakawa

CANON History- Rumia appeared as the first boss of EoSD as well as the first character in all of Touhou to use the Spellcard system. She also appeared as an enemy in StB. She cannot touch the amulet on the side of her head. Little is known about her personality though, aside from the fact that she is friends with Cirno.

NON CANON History- When the amulet in her hair is removed, she suddenly becomes as strong as an EX Boss.

Bio- Rumia lives happily in the forest of magic, making her home out of a large, hollowed out tree with her Fiance Chiyuri. Slightly shy around those she doesn't know, she mostly keeps to herself, umless it's a topic she is knowledgeable about, like Pokemon, TF2, anime, and Minecraft. Her home is deep inside the forest, and near the lowland plain by the lake. This forces her home to be constantly surrounded in dense, thick fog. Unfortunately, this means she gets sick a lot. Always hoping to relieve her boredom, don't be surprised if she does randomly come up to you. She'll be quiet, but trust me, she doesn't want to eat you... probably.... maybe.
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Rumia Dark, the Youkai of Darkness
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