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 Echoing Sutra Chant, Kyouko Kasodani

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Kyouko Kasodani


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PostSubject: Echoing Sutra Chant, Kyouko Kasodani   Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:49 am

Name: Kyouko Kasodani
Species: Yamabiko
Perhaps you loudly shouted "Yahoo-!" when you climbed up the mountain. When a response "Yahoo-!" Comes back to you, then it must be a work of Yamabiko.
Abilities: Power to reflect sound waves
Occupation: Responsible for cleaning duties and confronting trespassers at Myouren Temple, quoted as "My morning duties are sweeping, cooking,
and accepting challenges."
Location: Myouren Temple
Description: Bondi blue short hair, she has Yamabiko ears which vibrate at extremely fast speeds while she reflects sound waves. Kyouko wears a long pink shirt with blue flower-shaped buttons and a white skirt. She also carries a broom.
Relationships: Byakuren Hijiri (Employer)
Title: Echoing Sutra Chant
History: She lives in mountain, and when she hears a joyous sound, she replies back with a loud voice. A good youkai with kind heart. But these days, superstition like "Yamabiko is just a reflection of sound waves coming back to you-" is a common belief. She realized emptiness of secularity, and decided to enter Buddist discipline. Her ability works well with reciting the Sutra. It is her everyday work in mountain. And by doing so, she was feared recently as "a reciting voice coming from a mountain where nobody is living", so she was able to retain her place as a youkai.
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Jade Fournier
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Echoing Sutra Chant, Kyouko Kasodani
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