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 Showa Kitashirakawa, the Gensokyo Professor/The Professor Prinny

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Showa Kitashirakawa


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PostSubject: Showa Kitashirakawa, the Gensokyo Professor/The Professor Prinny   Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:43 am

Name: Showa Kitashirakawa
Race: Once Human (Currently a Prinny) Currently in limbo between human and Prinny
Age: 20 (At time of death)
Affinity: Wind
Occupation: Forced help for the Scarlet Devil Mansion
Birthdate: March 8th, 1991
Title: The Gensokyo Professor/The Professor Prinny

Born in Nuvema Town in the Unova Region, and the son of Giovanni Rocketto, the head of Team Rocket, Showa spent most of his life with the name Lester, becoming the world's most powerful Pokemon Trainer at only Twelve years old. Recently, he has taken his current name, and happily lives in Gensokyo, with people he considers family. Currently waiting for the Colosseum to open so he can compete. Also died in his sleep and woke up as a Prinny with a gray body instead of the normal blue, retaining his brown eye color. Recently reobtained his body, but is still considered a Prinny.

Relationship Status: Single
Children: None
Theme Song: Convictor Yamaxanadu
Currently trains his first Pokemon, a Tyranitar, and a Galvantula that has the Swarm Ability. Also has the ability to communicate with Pokemon, and can manipulate his shadow as a method of using Danmaku. Is also a Heavy Weapons Operator for Reliable Excavation and Development (R.E.D.). Also has the power of Geass, which allows him to use eye contact to imprint suggestions on a person, but only once per person, and can create illusions. Also stood in as Lelouch Vi Brittania for a month. Has Had an unnatural fear of "The Cabinet".

Showa once had a fear of the Cabinet.
Showa once assumed the identity of Kamen Rider Decade.
Showa completely despises Team Rocket, having been the one to stop their attack in the Johto Region at the age of Ten.
Showa has an unfortunate tendency to lose his home, usually via explosions.
Showa is also frequently kicked in the crotch by Jade.
Showa uses SpellCards that are weaker than normal, but have a variety of patterns, two of them involving swordplay.
As a Prinny, Showa is grayish, unlike most Prinnies, and he retains his natural eye color. Also capable of limited flight.

Giovanni Rocketto - Biological Father
Silver Rocketto - Biological Brother
Jade Fournier - Brosis
Morino Taiga - Niece
Medicine Fujiwara-Melancholy - Niece
Lunasa Moriya - Niece
Zerago Nakamura - Brother
Bass/Basil Ritterson - Brother's clone/Brother
Cirno Lorelei - Sister?
Yuyuko Saigyouji - Sister
JoshYu Zoonzoonzoonzoonzoonteemo - Father
Pewter - Showa's starter Pokemon, a Tyranitar

Spell Cards:

Solar Sign - Prominence: Summons a large blade comprised of Danmaku to smite the enemy.
Chaos Sign - Dark Echoes: Using the power of his Geass, he creates an idyllic illusion as he buffets the enemy with a rain of golf ball-sized danmaku.
Fire Metal Sign - Flamberge: Mysteriously, he generates a sword of bluish-white fire, which he has christened with the name "Flamberge", to shoot waves of generic danmaku.
Fire Sign - Flarus Sword: Using his Shadow, Showa generates a massive sphere of Danmaku, enhanced by his own soul, which, upon contact, creates a sphere of human-sized danmaku. Because of the spiritual drain of the SpellCard, Showa has made this spell his Last Word. It is weak in comparison to other Last Word Spell Cards, however.
Star Sign - Tera Star: A Spell Card using magic to summon a golem to shoot lasers at the enemy. Only obtained after becoming a Prinny.
Prinny Sign - Prinny Barrage: A Spell Card that allows Showa to use the most basic of the Prinny's skills, Prinny Barrage. Only obtained after becoming a Prinny.

Last edited by Showa the Prinny on Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:58 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Editing to keep in character.)
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Showa Kitashirakawa, the Gensokyo Professor/The Professor Prinny
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