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 --Lunasa Sonatina Moriya--

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Lunasa Prismriver

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PostSubject: --Lunasa Sonatina Moriya--   Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:04 am

"Can't a girl be smart and beautiful?"


Mistress of Strings/The elegant and careful violinist

Past History
"My past? I'm guessing it's not any stranger than anyone elses'......heh, who'm I kidding. It's tragic."

Lunasa Sonatina Prismriver was created by Layla Prismriver, one of the famous Prismriver sisters of the Prismriver estate. She was created at the same time as her sisters, Merlin, and Lyrica. All 3 were poltergeists formed in the shapes of Layla's older sisters, who'd left her and gone their seperate ways earlier in life. As such, she got lonely, and her large magical potential created Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica. Each, due to Layla's association of her sisters with the musical concerts they would do often due to their parents wanting all of their daughters to be trained classically, controlled a instrument type. Lunasa controlled stringed instruments, however, she associated most with the violin, as her sisters...Merlin (wind instruments, trumpet), and Lyrica (all that was left, piano) winded up associating with other instruments as well, while Layla was the singing part of their ensemble. Layla trained them more as best she could, and all three of the sisters loved her greatly. However, unlike the Prismrivers, Layla was mortal....and her death brought a great impact on the trio. Lunasa became almost emotionless, the stoic, who's personality came through as anger or uncaring most times....Merlin became insanely cheerful as if it were a mask, and Lyrica became the most normal of the trio, becoming merely very caring to those around her. They soon adapted elements of these personalities, and their previous ones, and became the Prismrivers known today.

Touhoubook History -- Romances, Etc.

"You really want to push my buttons, don't you? (laughs) Well, it's not too much of a dark matter, just that I'm not exactly the most normal after all...."

Lunasa took up a more social life in October of 2010. She appeared soon after Merlin, introducing herself as Lunasa Prismriver and soon gaining a few friends. One of the first met was Suwako Moriya, who will be brought up later, and one of the others was Jade, who will, once again, be brought up later. She soon became the least popular of the sisters, Lyrica Prismriver becoming the most popular due to her marriage to Inaba Tewi, the rabbit of luck. Merlin came in second again with her short-lived marriage to Hieda no Akyu, who was soon seen meeting a shen in a school swimsuit and the rest being history. Lunasa was the only unmarried one of the three -- of course, that being a touchy matter to her, she soon revealed herself to be obsessed with anime and manga -- what is commonly known as a otaku. Once again, enter Jade. Lunasa and Jade struck up a romance (after some notable pushing by Merlin and one of the others), which was long-winded and what is often known as a Takahashi couple, or a tsundere (girl that switches from being angry at her love to being cheerful and kind) and a perverted succubus. Of course, this relationship soon winded down as well. Lunasa stayed single for a while, soon becoming obsessed with her anime again and going back to being only with her sisters. A few months after, once again, this is where we bring in Suwako again -- Suwako and Lunasa got married (...............there is no canon explanation for this, go with the sheer factor that they got drunk and married in Vegas and actually found out they liked each other 8D......I kid, I kid, this was merely both RPers putting them together...) and had two children -- Alice Liddell Moriya and Shin Moriya, Shin being adopted.
She formed a family with a few others, a makeshift family....Jade, Taiga, Hina, Medi, Basil, and herself being the members of said family...which led to oddness given previous relations.

Lunasa's deletion was on April 18th, 2011. She was deleted during the horrible Touhoubook purge and took refuge here, creating the site.


"God, you wanna know more, more, more about me? I'm the girl who's kickin' the coke machine, I'm the one that's honkin' at you, cause I left late again~...I kid, I kid."
There is not much left to tell, although there is a bit.
* Lunasa can control emotions via her music and the style of it. A upbeat song can cause happiness. A melancholy song can cause depression. Merlin excels at the upbeat, Lunasa controls downbeat the best, and Lyrica seems to keep a balance.
* Alice is a half-goddess due to her parentage. Shin is not.
* Since Layla's passing, Lunasa has also been the main singer for most Prismriver concerts.

Thank you for reading.

"And all shall fade
The flowers of spring
The world and all the sorrows

At the heart of everything
but still it stays
the butterfly sings
and opens purple summer
with a flutter of its wings

And all shall know the wonder of purple summer....."
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--Lunasa Sonatina Moriya--
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