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 Medicine Fujiwara-Melancholy

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Medi Fujiwara-Melancholy

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PostSubject: Medicine Fujiwara-Melancholy   Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:39 am

This is the version of Medicine which I roleplay, so info time!

Name: Medicine Fujiwara-Melancholy
Age: Unknown, but at least 126
Title: The Sweet Little Poison, The Beast of the Body
History: Born as a Tsukumogami, she was living in the Nameless Hill for all of her years and rarely left. Part of the Flowering Incident, she wasn't really seen much after that. She slowly left the Hill and started to branch out to new people, soon finding Mokou and falling in love with her. Though still a doll at the time, she still felt like a human, and slowly but surely, her body adapted to human's, making her 1/2 human, 1/2 youkai. With the help of her father figure, Shintaro Kazami, and mother figure, Yuuka Kazami, she was able to build a house nearby the Human Village to live with Mokou, and soon raise a family of their own. She still visits The Nameless Hill, but no longer feels the need to live there, due to Su-San, her suzurans, 'saying' it would be alright for her to leave. Later in her life, through a few years and meeting a few new people, she discovered who her real mother was: Hina Kagiyama, that she was a doll who somehow gotten loose from her dolls and drifted down the Mountain River, down the Higan River, and washed up onto the banks of the Nameless Hill.
Relationship Status: Married, take a guess to who.
-Mokou Fujiwara-Melancholy (Wife)
-Alais Kurayami (Family Friend)
-Lunasa Moriya (Sister)
-Taiga Morino (Sister)
-Jade Fronier (Mother)
-Shintaro Kazami (Father Figure)
-Yuuka Kazami (Aunt/Mother Figure)
-Hina Kagiyama (Actual Mother)
Children: 11, 3 adopted from Mokou's previous marriage, 8 between the two.
Anything else? She can control and manipulate hormones, due to her first pregnancy. Her old ribbon is replaced with one of Mokou's fire-proof talismans and she has a ruby ring on her left hand. In order from oldest to youngest, her children are: Daiki, Emy, Mitsumi Luna&Layla (Fraternal Twins) Rika&Satoko (Fraternal Twins), Mion&Shion (Identical Twins), Alain, and Riley (Deceased). She currently has four grandchildren: Rena, Emily, Alexander, and Priscilla.

Out of the 11, I only roleplay four: Luna, Layla, Alain, and Riley. Though I might mention them here, I will not roleplay them, unless the person/group I am roleplaying with requires it, or allow it.

Edit: if needed, I will post a bio for each of the 4 I roleplay, in case. The info here is for me and others to read. No one is obligated to follow the info if a character is listed here.

Name: Luna Fujiwara-Melancholy
Age: 18
Gender: female
Race: Youkai/Lunarian
Power: Control of Lunar Light
Appearance: Long, black hair that's similar to Mokou's and blue-silver eyes similar to Medicine's. She has a red ribbon in her hair adorned with moonstones to amplify her power. She wears a white, button down shirt with a white blazer and white skirt. She has black stockings that go up to her thighs, similar to how Nue or Suwako would wear them.
Personality: She's a prankster and loves to set a trap of any kind, no matter how deadly it could be. Though, she is a nice and caring girl, but her habit of trickery gets the best of her. She's easy to get flustered when talking to or about someone she likes. And, though being the oldest of the kids, she acts like the youngest.
-Alais ('Aunt')
-Mima (Mentor/Teacher)
-Reisen (Friend)
-Eirin (Lunarian Teacher)
-Wriggle (Friend of the Night)
-She has the power to tap into Lunarian gods and goddesses, though she never uses this power.
-Her ribbon is one of Mokou's talismans, edited by Alais to drop the fire resistance and change it to lunar amplification.
-She and Layla are fraternal twins, Luna being the older one.

Name: Layla Fujiwara-Melancholy
Age: 18
Gander: Female
Race: Youkia/Beast
Power: Animal Control
Appearance: Brown hair tied in pigtails and violet eyes. She wears a black jacket over a long sleeved white shirt, and black skirt that goes just past her knees. At times, her body can change to adapt to wings, claws, fangs, and other bestial parts.
Personality: Thought to be one of the most caring in the family due to her many pets. She more shy than her twin, but a very kind and talkative person when you get to know her. She care for animals deeply and will put them above humans in her priority list.
-Alais ('Aunt')
-Reisen (Close Friend/Role model)
-Suwako (Role Model)
Any one who is either part animal, such as Chen or Orin, or is a 'master' to an animal, such as Yukari or Satori.
-She has the power to tap into bestial forms, though this causes her to loose parts of her sanity until she drops the power.
-Layla has a multitude of pets: A Hell Raven found as an egg, named Sadako; a kitsune fox found as a wounded cub, named Kit; A lunarian rabbit named Rogue, given to her from Reisen; a water dragon named Orion, given to her as an egg from Alais' dragon; and a Stone Toad named Nana, and a Mishaguji named Orochi, given as an egg, both of which from Suwako.

Name: Alain Fujiwara-Melancholy. Goes by Ryuuden-Melancholy at times.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Youkai
Power: Can tap into the hidden power of gemstones and summoning
Appearance: spiky brown hair, and hazel eyes. He wears simpler clothing compared to the rest of the family in terms of flashiness or design. Alain wears a pair of slightly baggy pants, boots, a brown shirt with a green coat over it that has fur along the collar, and a dog tag.
Personality: As the only 'permanent' male in the house (As Daiki is not around as much since he moved out), Alain has a 'Head Male' mindset, though he is the most respectful of any of the children, avoiding the childish terms for addressing others. He reads nearly all the time and his vast knowledge can get on the others nerves at times, mainly Luna, Emy, Shion and, at rare times, Mion.
Alais ('Aunt'/Mentor)
Mari ('Sister'/Rival)
Utsuho (Arms Teacher for a period of time)
Reisen (Arms Teacher)
Youmu (Swords skill teacher)
Hong (Martial Arts teacher)
-He is the youngest male, though he acts like the oldest of the kids most of the time.
-He looks out for his siblings, mainly Riley, Satoko, Rika, Mari, and Mion and Shion
-He wields guns(Dual Desert Eagles) made by Alais. He learned skills from her and Utsuho how to use them, though the latter didn't teach much.
-He latter found Reisen to follow up with the lessons on his guns.
-Youmu has taught him basic swordsmanship, as one of his summons takes the shape of a long sword, and another a pair of scimitars.
-Hong taught him basic martial arts, as a summon takes the form of a pair of gauntlets and greeves.

Name: Riley Fujiwara-Melancholy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Youkai
Power: Ice Control
Appearance: Red hair that reaches the middle of her back, and has two yellow ribbons tying some of her hair in front of her shoulders; and deep red eyes. She wears a short sleeve, white shirt and a blue skirt that falls just above her knees, and held up with suspenders. She also has white stockings that are worn like Nue's or Suwako's.
Personality: Shy and quiet, she lead the life of a NEET for a long time, basically in her room, so she wasn't seen much. But as she left her shell, she grown to branch out and ask for help a lot, mainly from Alain and Mari. She doubts herself a lot and tends to be more on the other end of the spectrum as the rest of the family (Riley loves the soup that Alais makes, but her soup tastes like a landfill to everyone else)
-Alais ('Aunt')
-Alain (Brother/Life Line)
-Mari ('Sister'/Life Line)
-Cirno (Friend)
-Riley is VERY self conscience about her body and how she looks since her NEET episode, which lasted nearly 10 years.
-She mainly gets embarrassed when people talk about her figure, but mainly her chest, which is larger than any one in the family (D sized), which leads her to try and find ways to cover up more.
-She has the habit of being a klutz: Always falling and dropping things.
-Riley never uses her powers as much as she wants, mainly for cleaning her room, which leads her to drop and break things.
-She has the habit of insulting herself, since she feels like she can't do anything, even make a bed.
-Due to complications with her own outlook on her life compared to the family's she committed suicide.
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Medicine Fujiwara-Melancholy
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